Member Code of Conduct

Member Code of Conduct

Member Code of Conduct

As a Corporate/Individual member of the Greater Westside Board of Trade I/we recognize that membership is a privilege and that membership brings with it the responsibility to assure that all members also understand and commit to the following conduct.

Accordingly, I/we will:

  1. Conduct all business and professional activities in a reputable manner so as to reflect honorably upon the Greater Westside business community and fellow Board of Trade members.


  1. Respect the good reputation, profile and status of the Greater Westside Board of Trade and represent it accordingly.


  1. Abide by the constitution and bylaws of the Greater Westside Board of Trade as detailed on the Board of Trade’s website (gwboardoftrade.com).


  1. Understand, support and promote the Board of Trade along with its mission to the business community.


  1. Provide honest, skilled and conscientious service to customers.


  1. Present a true presentation in all advertising. Goods and services shall be advertised in accordance with all municipal, provincial and federal legislation.


  1. Conform to all laws established by municipal, provincial and federal governments for the conduct of business.


  1. Whenever reasonably possible, participate in events and activities of the Board of Trade and lend my/our business/professional expertise.


  1. Play a role in the promotion, development and enhancement of business growth and activities in West Kelowna.


I/We also understand that failure to comply with the professional and personal obligations of the Board of Trade, as outlined above, can result in termination of my/our membership.

I/We hereby register for membership in the Board of Trade and agree to pay the administration fee detailed on the registration form plus the annual membership investment, as set by the Board of Directors, until such time as my/our written resignation is filed with this organization.

Authorization to Publish Information

Your business information you provided on your application form is public information and will be on our website and in the Member Directory. The Greater Westside Board of Trade (GWBOT) publishes members’ information and/or photographs in a variety of media vehicles that may include, but not limited to: Member Directory, website directory, newsletters, regional newspapers and multimedia presentations at events. The GWBOT respects your privacy and, if at any time you wish not to be included in any publications, requests that you contact us at 250-768-3378. Unless otherwise indicated, we will assume that we have your authorization to proceed with the use of your name/photo in any and all future publications.