Kelowna Chamber major player in driving policies at BC Chamber Annual General Meeting

Kelowna Chamber major player in driving policies at BC Chamber Annual General Meeting

May 24, 2020

Kelowna Chamber major player in driving policies at BC Chamber Annual General Meeting

Kelowna: The Kelowna Chamber was busy over the weekend bringing more policy resolutions to the BC Chamber virtual AGM than many of its peers across the province. A leader in developing policies relevant to its members, the Kelowna Chamber saw all nine of its policies receive support from the BC Chamber network.

“COVID-19 is top of mind for everyone, but we haven’t lost focus on the policy issues that will help build stronger economies and more resilient communities,” said Jeffrey Robinson, President of the Kelowna Chamber. “We were pleased to get support for the policy positions we put forward, many of which were identified by our members.”

Several of the policies Kelowna advanced squarely address local business concerns. One example is the policy calling for greater flexibility and local autonomy in tapping into the potential of Agri-tourism. Another policy calling on the province to invest more in mental health services, particularly for the homeless population, was supported. Initiated by Kelowna, it had been developed together with several chambers from across the province which have been impacted by the growing opioid crisis.

Policies move now to discussions with the relevant provincial ministries, and action items created to take the resolutions forward. “The process is a long one,” said Robinson, who in the past has attended both provincial and national Chamber policy sessions. “Our members tell us throughout the year what issues they want to see us take to government. Researching, writing, and presenting – plus some horse-trading for votes – takes three or more months. The annual AGM is the culmination of that process. We’re very pleased that our chamber colleagues from around the province validated our work.”

Kelowna 2020-2021 policies adopted include:

1. One-time Land Release from the ALR to Enable Growth in Agri-tourism
2. Keeping BC Communities & their Economies Safe in an Era of Drug Addiction, Mental Health Issues & Homelessness
3. Hydrogen & Hydrail: A Real Advancement in the Transportation Sector
4. Leveling the Playing Field for Liquor Distribution in BC 5. Providing Certainty for Business through the Timely Administration of Justice
6. Increasing Accountability, Transparency & Local Control of the Spec Tax
7. Enabling BC’s Cannabis Economy
8. Guidelines for Enforcing Residential Rental Tenure Zoning
9. Transport Canada Civil Aviation: Addressing the Need to Speed up STCs and TSOs

Chamber President Jeffrey Robinson, Executive Director Dan Rogers along with other Chamber directors and staff participated in the BC Chamber’s first-ever online policy sessions and AGM over the weekend. This 4842-9454-5853, v. 1 year, with all delegates attending virtually, saw 73 policies tabled and more than 150 delegates taking part in the policy sessions.

Final versions of the policies, including any adopted amendments, will be available on both the Kelowna and the BC Chamber websites by mid-June.

For more information:

Jeffrey Robinson, President, Kelowna Chamber

Dan Rogers, Executive Director, Kelowna Chamber jrobinson@rihlaw.com 250-575-6416 dan@kelownachamber.org 250-469-7356