Sponsorship Opportunities
@ the Greater Westside Board of Trade

2018 Golf Classic

2018 Golf Classic

The Greater Westside Board of Trade has many sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. Sponsorships help your business to gain exposure at Board of Trade events. These events are attended by some of the most important and influential local corporate leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs, local media and political figures. Sponsorship of the Board of Trades events gives your company the opportunity to gain the critical publicity and brand recognition you need in order to succeed in a West Kelowna’s marketplace.

We will advertise details on each event as we get closer to those events throughout the year.  Please use your Advertising Guidelines as you plan your annual budget.  Call us at 250-768-3378 if you have specific questions.

Sponsoring a Board of Trade event provides an invaluable opportunity to increase your brand recognition, prestige, and credibility. Through sponsorships, the Board of Trade strives to create a partnership that is beneficial to all who are involved.

The Board of Trade’s Executive Director, Karen Beaubier, can help you find the best fit for you and your business. Contact Karen at executivedirector@gwboardoftrade.com or call 250-768-3378.

You can find our complete sponsorship package here.