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If you are interested in hosting a highly successful networking event, please complete this form and return to the Board of Trade asap.



Company Name: _____________________________________  Contact Name: _________________________


Website: ___________________________________ Facebook: _____________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________________


Phone Number: ________________________________E-mail: _____________________________________



Event Format


  • Event runs from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
  • Attendee registration is administered by the Board of Trade.
  • Each attendee enjoys appetizers and two complimentary drink tickets.
  • Attendees will receive a nametag and a chance to win door prizes.
  • During the event the Board of Trade will give a brief update on initiatives.
  • Host business will have an opportunity to speak briefly about their business (business background, introduce staff, etc).
  • Approximately 100-125 people attend each event. Do you have enough parking?


The Greater Westside Board of Trade will assist and guide you with the coordination of this event. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Karen Beaubier, Executive Director.


P:  250.768.3378  or executivedirector@gwboardoftrade.com


Working together brings the best possible results!






 Board of Trade Responsibilities:

  1. Supply a P.A. System
  2. Administer the registration table
  3. Secure brewery or provide beer
  4. Obtain special event/liquor license
  5. Coordinate advertising:

Marketing and Promotion

E-Mail Membership

Local Media

Other Board of Trade events

Website Calendar of Events


Suggestions to ensure a successful outcome

 Invite your clients – make it a Customer Appreciation Night!

  • Send personal invitations by Facebook, email or even snail mail!
  • Increase the value of hosting the event by creating a theme
  • Incentive, discount around your products or services
  • Make sure other people / employees are keeping the event running smooth so that you are free to network, welcome, and actively participate with guests
  •  Not restricted to Board of Trade Members, you are welcome to invite your special customers


 Host Responsibilities:

  • Supply the venue, business location or secondary location (hotel, restaurant, winery)
  • Accommodate 100-125 people comfortably in the chosen venue
  • Supply finger foods & non-alcoholic beverages
  •  Coordinate the door prizes (max. 6)
  •  Speak briefly about your business


  • The host company should plan to spend $500 to $1,500
  • Partnership and/or sponsorship’s are encouraged

Food and Beverages:

  • Secure Winery participation. Pours are to be 5 oz. pours NOT samples. It is up to the host to negotiate the cost of the wine.
  • Ensure non-alcoholic options are available
  • Contact catering companies and     restaurants for finger foods/appetizer suggestions and costs
  • Host should consider having food served to prevent congestion at a food table (passed around, as opposed to a stationary food table)
  • Served food encourages interaction between guests and allows for more networking opportunities