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The Board of Trade’s newsletter keeps members informed about events, new members, advocacy and activities, policy alerts, business resources, and more. Newsletters are the perfect tool for calling attention to a special announcement or increasing general awareness of your brand. This may also include related links (ie) Video, website, etc.)

This well-read newsletter also has opportunities for banner ads, news releases and advertising blocks for your business.

The newsletter is also a trusted source for community business news. Our quarterly newsletter is a high impact, LOW cost way to market your business and grow your sales!

Newsletter (Your Story): 

Featured Member Profile – Video, interview format, or photo/logo and description.

Newsletter Banner Ad:

Grab members’ attention with a banner ad in the Board of Trade’s popular email newsletters! Banner ads are a great way to increase exposure of your brand and drive traffic to your website. Banner ads are prominently placed in our newsletter.

News Releases:

Just opened up your business or making some major changes? For only $50 we will put your news in our Newsletter.

for Newsletter Advertising & Marketing

Newsletter Requirements:

At least 250 words submitted using Microsoft Word; two large, high-resolution photos, and a company logo. The ad campaign artwork, content and tagged URL must be submitted the 15th prior to ad placement date. Each image must be named and identified explicitly.

Banner Ads Requirements:

Static (non-animated), web-optimized image with 468×60 pixel dimensions. The ad campaign artwork and a tagged URL must be submitted the 15th prior to ad placement date. Each image must be named and identified explicitly.

Newsletter Pricing:

  • Newsletter (Your Story) $100
  • 400 x 400 Page ad $50
  • Banner Ad: $100
  • News Release $50

for Newsletter Advertising & Marketing

Please note all artwork has to be provided in the RGB Colorspace.
Accepted file formats are JPG, Gif, PNG. Animated banners will require approval from our staff.

File sizes for banner ads should not exceed 100kbps.

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